Club T-shirts: order yours now!

Club t-shirts are available now, for a limited time. They are cotton, with the classic LMC crest on the front, and an (approximate!) meet list for 2018 on the back.

Please order before 30th November if you would like one!


There are two fits available: a unisex one, and a fitted women's one.

Unisex sizes available: S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL
Women's fitted sizes available: S/8, M/10, L/12, XL/14, XXL/16

As a guide to sizing, the unisex small fits a 36-inch man's chest, so is a typical fit for a man. The women's medium fits a size 8 woman, so is quite a small fit.

Costs and ordering


E-mail with the following information:

  • T-shirt type: unisex or women's
  • Size
  • Postal address

Make a payment via the payment page:

Unisex t-shirt: £15.94 (£12.99 + £2.95 postage): Buy now

Fitted women's t-shirt: £18.94 (£15.99 + £2.95) postage: Buy now

Buy now!

Remember that T-shirts are available to order until 30 November.

If you have any questions, please contact