COVID-19 Fronwydyr Update

UPDATE: 7th April 2021

The club has a duty of care to our members concerning how the hut is managed. We are obliged to follow the government advice that applies to multiple occupancy accommodation to reduce the risks of spreading the virus as much as possible. These current changes below are seen as a practical way to do so. Changes may also be made in response to occupants' experiences at the hut.

When Fronwydyr re-opens on Friday April 23rd, you will find a lot of changes at the hut itself, with a different booking system in operation.

All the changes follow BMC guidance and advice available at this point. This is being reviewed constantly and changes may be made to the procedures below at any time, if the club considers changes can be made to loosen restrictions while safeguarding members.

Changes at the Hut

The loft has now been closed off and is being used to store excess items. It will remain closed for the duration of these changes.

There are now four mattresses, i.e. four bed spaces in each of the two downstairs rooms.

The Drying Room remains available for use.

The hut itself has been de-cluttered, some items reduced in number and all unnecessary items put into storage.

The following items have been put into storage:

The following items have been reduced

The following items have been provided

You will need to bring your own pillows, pillowcases, and tea towels.

Changes to Booking Procedures

The number of people staying at Fronwydyr during any one weekend will vary according to who books. There will be a maximum of 8 people at any one time. As of April 12th, BMC guidance is that only one family unit or “bubble” is allowed to book into the hut at any one time. Two family Units will only be permitted in the hut when guidance changes to permit two groups to share kitchen facilities.

Occupants are responsible for organising how they use the kitchen, showers and food storage areas. If LMC members are found using/staying at the hut without following the new, temporary booking procedure, they risk expulsion from the club.

How to Book Bed Spaces at Fronwydyr