Membership Benefits

Joining the LMC gives you open access to all the meets that the club runs, great discounts in climbing walls and gear shops, free subscription to the London Mountaineer and much more!


BMC Insurance

By joining the LMC, you automatically get covered by the BMC's Third party insurance scheme.

Everyone taking part in mountaineering and climbing has a duty to ensure that the sport is carried out in the safest way possible, but incidents do happen. The BMC, with Perkins Slade, has arranged a variety of insurances for the protection of its members, clubs and officials in the event that you are held responsible for an injury to someone else or damage to their property.

Further details

The London Mountaineer
The LMC Magazine

The LMC will send you three magazines a year, containing details of upcoming meets, reports from recent meets and other articles -interviews, reviews and more - to inspire and entertain. It is an excellent way to keep in touch with the club activities. Several back issues can be found on the website.

Back Issues

Discounts at climbing walls and gear shops
Joining the LMC pays for itself.

It gives you access to the BMC affiliated clubs 10% discount at the Westway climbing wall in West London. It also gives you access to a 15% discount at Cotswolds outdoor and 10% at several other Outdoor shops in and around London.

Hut Network

The LMC does not just have access to Fronwydyr. It has access to a very large network of affiliated club's huts, which regularly act as a base for very cheap meets in stunning locations. Costs for these huts are at well below the rates you pay in commercial hostels. From Assynt to Cornwall, the club can and does book out spaces in huts.